Let Me Introduce Myself

Kasey Thompson

I'm Kasey. I've been professionally practicing since 2006 and I'm the owner of Remedy Wellness Centre in Victoria, BC. I'm grateful to have a very successful practice, but there is more demand for my approach to treatment and self care than there are hours in the day. So, I am bringing this knowledge and experience to an online program to give you the tools you need to break your pain cycle, move with ease and achieve your goals. In my practice I use tools like Neurokinetic Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Functional Movement Re-Patterning, Myofascial Release, Contract Relax Stretching, Pain Science and the Biopsychosocial Model of Care. My programs bring bits and pieces of all of these modalities together, in an easy to follow home-based program. I sincerely hope you enjoy going on this journey with me, and that you feel a little better every day.

Why Rehab Pilates?

If you've found this site, you're likely going to relate to my story. As a youth I was very competitive and a series of sport injuries lead me to alternative health care. The first big one was a badly strained SI joint at age 9, which caused chronic lower back pain. When I was 15 a friend gave me a Pilates VHS tape. My intention at the time was to be fit for bathing suit season. I had no idea that doing the routine regularly would finally fix my lower back. I've stuck with pilates ever since and I've continued my professional training in therapeutic exercise principles with Rehab Pilates Training and Neurokinetic Therapy. The next big injury was whiplash from a knee boarding accident at age 18. The damage to my spine and rib cage resulted in long term instability of my spine. I dislocate ribs and sublux vertebrae very easily. With compromised stability in my joints, I am forced to rely on balance and stability from my muscles and fascia, which is exactly what practicing Rehab Pilates does! I have a lot of personal and professional experience with both acute and chronic pain, the rehabilitative process, including the set backs and re-injury, as well as the success of recovery. I'm very passionate about what I do because I understand living with chronic pain. I understand how it can be like dragging a hundred pound weight with you, everywhere you go. It can affect everything you do, your work and your relationships. If you're suffering, please don't give up. Keep trying new things. I can honestly tell you that though the road can be long, with lots of ups and downs, every step is worth it. And I'm here to help you take the first one.

What is Rehab Pilates?

Rehab Pilates is a therapeutic exercise tool used to address biomechanical compensatory patterns and dysfunction. Using Rehab Pilates principles, we can break down basic movements and functions of the body and use those same principles to build you back up. We start with very simple movements and concepts and we practice doing them well. From a rehab perspective, if you’re not doing it well, you’re not doing it. Once you’re doing it well, and have established a good foundation, we gradually make it harder or more complicated. 

Who is Rehab Pilates For?

Rehab Pilates Online is Not for Everyone.

Rehab pilates is for all ages, all fitness levels and all body types. When done correctly, it can be a very useful tool to recover from injury, overcome chronic pain,  prevent injury and generally condition the whole body.

Certain conditions should be assessed and monitored in person, by a qualified healthcare provider, before you begin any fitness program. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Acute Disk Herniation   
  • Acute Muscle Spasms   
  • Acute Nerve Impingement  
  • Acute Sprains & Strains 
  • Diastasis Recti   
  • First Weeks Post Surgery (depending on the procedure, get cleared by your MD).
  • Heart Pathology  
  • Hernia
  • High Blood Pressure (un-controlled)
  • Incontinence  
  • Severe OA  
  • Spondylosis   
  • Spondylolisthesis 
  • Spinal Stenosis     
  • Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Consider a private session with a qualified rehab pilates instructor, physiotherapist, athletic therapist or registered massage therapist. If there isn't one in your area, you can book a private session with me in person or via Telehealth

Rehab Pilates Basic Principles

I've been working with people in pain for over a decade. If you've found this course, you likely have a specific problem that you need help getting through. Perhaps your introducing a fitness routine for the first time, or you have chronic pain from an old injury, or you're an athlete and you've hit a plateau. You could also be looking for a better understanding of the bio-mechanics of your body. You will find the answers to all of this and more, in this basic principles course. Together, we will build the foundation for the rest of your rehab and fitness routine. If you're not a beginner in the world of Pilates, you will gain a much better understanding of each principle, each exercise and how it can be applied to your routine, your other workouts and to your daily life. That's the real beauty of these principles; they translate seamlessly to other activities and life situations. Improve your cycling or running distance, offload your neck while working at your desk, garden without lower back pain, lift more weight at the gym than you've ever been able to. The list of benefits is literally endless.
Who Is Rehab Pilates For?

Program Outline

What You're Going To Learn & Practice In This Course

  • Breathing Principles: why is breathing so important, intra-abdominal pressure, rib-cage mobility, 360 degree pilates breath, proper technique, breathing dysfunctions and more.

  • Core Engagement: understanding basic core anatomy and biomechanics, how to achieve a proper TA/Multifidi/Pelvic Floor Engagement.

  • Pelvic & Rib-cage Placement: understanding neutral & imprint, how to stabilize the rib-cage in neutral.

  • Shoulder & Neck Placement: how to find a neutral scapula, neck positioning, nods & reverse nods, cranio-vertebral mobility & lower cervical stability

  • Basic Principles Workout: putting all the principles together into a short workout routine, which you can practice daily, to get you started on building a foundation of movement.

Rehab Pilates Basic's Workout for Beginners

In this program we will be learning 23 new pilates exercises in detail. I will give you multiple options for modifications using things like bands, bolsters, pillows, foam roller, 2lb weights, pilates ring, mini stability ball and theraband. The equipment gives you some options for program versatility. You can complete this program with no equipment, though I would recommend at least having a pillow handy. If you are going to buy anything go for the mini stability ball 10inches and the theraband. You will get the most use out of these and they are very versatile and inexpensive. At the end you will find two 45 minute workouts, which you have lifetime access to. You also get access to additional progress tracking materials so you can record your reps and sets, measure your progress and see the results of your efforts.

Rehab Pilates for Beginners Program Outline

What You're Going To Learn & Practice In This Program

  • 23 New Exercises Described in Depth with Modifications

  • Warm Up Video plus 2 Beginner Workouts, each 45 minutes

  • Progress and Pain Tracking Materials

  • Download/Printable Tracking Sheets for Reps & Sets

Fresh Start Bundle

Rehab Pilates Basic Principles and Beginner's Program Bundle!

The Fresh Start Bundle is both programs for a significantly discounted price. How did I determine the pricing and value? If you were to learn all of the basic principles and the beginners exercises with me in person, we would average about 4 to 5 exercises per hour session ($110CAD). You get about 30 exercises in total with this bundle, which would be an approximate total of $616 to $825, depending on how quickly you learn. This online version is much more affordable and I can offer payment plans as well. You can do it at your own pace from the comfort and safety of your home.
Fresh Start Bundle

Bonus Material

With these programs you also get these great resources, for FREE!

  • Download PDF Scripts

    We all learn in different ways and I want to set you up for success! Download the PDF Scripts of all lessons, for FREE. Highlight important points, make notes, keep it as a resource forever.

  • Measure Your Success

    Download FREE worksheets so you can track your daily or weekly progress. Record your reps, sets, modifications and more. Download FREE pain scale tracking sheets used by healthcare professionals to measure therapeutic gains.

  • Lifetime Access to the Workouts!

    Personal wellness and fitness is a life long habit. Once you've completed the programs, you have access to the material for life! You can come back to it whenever you need a refresher.

Additional Programs Coming Soon

Beginners Workout Next Progression! Coming Spring 2021